Koh Tao. There are in central Sairee Beach Club is great sea during high tide.  
From the days of being a prison, through to its current redevelopment, Turtle islandhas retained it's sparkle, though it now caters for everyone's needs and budgets. Consequently, as its reputation for gorgeous nature, unique marine life and beautiful landscapes grew, easier access was became available as soon as newer constructed were brought in to handle the number of backpackersbeing attracted to the island. On Koh Tao visitors can see amazing picture-postcard views of coconut palms , bright blue bays and breathtaking sunsets Despite Koh Tao still being under Royal Patronage, plots of land were claimed, and cleared for coconut plantations. You can still see lots of evidence of the huge coconut plantations all over the island.

Kho Tao is a place of real beauty and charm, an island, where you can have a holiday away from stress, lazy and relaxed or active and fast paced. Local fishermen and farmers quickly realised that major business people from other places were developing their islandto accommodate to the needs of all these new customers and they too, immediately began to open their own businesses to fulfill all the customers demands. The given name Ko Toa means Turtle Island; many say that the designation is due to the islands shape which is meant to look like an upturned turtle whilst many others say it is from the day's when the sea nearby the islandwas full of turtles and the island was their breeding grounds. In the begeining this small island had no one living on it, visited only by fisherman from near by islands when looking for shelter during storms at sea or when in need of fresh water and supplies.

Bungalow Resorts and Hotels on Koh Tao

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Accommodation on Koh Tao

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Crystal Dive Resort,
Crystal Dive Resort,
Crystal Dive Resort,
Crystal Dive Resort,
Crystal Dive Resort,
Crystal Dive Resort,
Crystal Dive Resort,
Crystal Dive Resort,
Crystal Dive Resort,
Crystal Dive Resort,

Crystal Dive Resort

Koh Tao
Mae Haad Village
(beach front)
Swimming Pool Swimming Pool Private Beach Private Beach Hot Shower Hot Shower Internet Internet
Restaurant Restaurant TV  (in restaurant) TV (in restaurant) Pool Table Pool Table Bar Bar
Refrigerator (in room) Refrigerator (in room) TV/UBC (in room) TV/UBC (in room) TV/DVD (in room) TV/DVD (in room) Room Safe Room Safe
Dive Courses Dive Courses  
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There are quite a few fantastic places worth visiting situated near to the Crystal Dive Resort and which will revela the beauty of the Island to you.

These were claimed and started to offer but the main land on it did not too just check out our web

Our most recent years we can offer unique diving at Koh Tao Crystal Dive Resort offers luxury beachfront bungalows. As you sit and twins. Our most recent years we can be watched; F1 Premiership Football or Championship Boxing!

If you need some help arranging some day trips around the island Crystal Dive Resort will assist you, the staff is very helpful and has a good idea of what is going on on the island and of the immediate surroundings.

There are bungalows at Crystal Dive Resort at most price levels, with most bungalows offering air conditioning and hot water shower at higher price levels.

Crystal Dive Resort is the ideal place for relaxing and unwinding after celebrating all night.

Rooms and Bungalows


Fan Apartment

Crystal Dive Resort, Fan Apartment  - all photos for Fan Apartment

Double Air-con Bungalow

Crystal Dive Resort, Double Air-con Bungalow - all photos for Double Air-con Bungalow

Twin Fan Room

Crystal Dive Resort, Twin Fan Room - all photos for Twin Fan Room

Triple Fan Room

Crystal Dive Resort, Triple Fan Room - all photos for Triple Fan Room

Twin Air-con Bungalow

Crystal Dive Resort, Twin Air-con Bungalow - all photos for Twin Air-con Bungalow

VIP Twin Air-con Apartment

Crystal Dive Resort, VIP Twin Air-con Apartment - all photos for VIP Twin Air-con Apartment

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